The best language learners understand themselves. By English with Stephen

Learning Strategies: Understand Yourself

Understanding yourself is critical if you want to learn English as efficiently as possible. Find out what you need to know about yourself to be an effective learner.

Reasons for English: Silent Letters

Have you ever asked yourself why English has so many silent letters? Does it seem crazy and frustrating to you? Well, listen to this episode to find out the reasons why silent letters exist in English.

Word Stories: Lockdown

Lockdowns and Covid have affected people all over the world. Listen to this episode to find out the origin and meanings of these two words that will probably come to define the year 2020.

The tymology of the word "huddle" by English with Stephen

Word Stories: Huddle

A huddle is a very common sight in many sports, nowadays. In this podcast, you will discover the surprising origin of the huddle as a word and a phenomenon.

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