The origin of the words "fish" and "chips. By English with STephen

Word Stories: Fish and chips

It’s the meal everyone thinks of when they think of British cooking. In this episode, we look at the origins of the phrase ‘fish and chips’.

The story behind the word 'whiskey', or 'whisky'. By English with Stephen

Word Stories: Water of Life

The Romans had a drink called ‘aqua vitae’ or the water of life. Listen to find out how this drink survives and influences the names of other drinks around the world.

The story behind the word 'ok' by English with Stephen

Word Stories: OK!

Ok. It’s a short two-letter word that means everything is all right. And it is used around the world in countless languages. Find out how this small word spread all over the world, ok?

Word Stories: Sandwich

It is a word, and a meal, that is famous all over the world. The possibilities are endless, but where did the word ‘sandwich’ come from? Listen to find out more.

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