A woman listening to a podcast. Text: How to use a podcast to learn English by English with Stephen

Learning Strategies: How to use a podcast to learn English

Podcasts are a great way to learn English, but are you learning as effectively as possible? Listen to get 10 great strategies so you can improve your English just by listening to podcasts.

A woman holding different flags of countries that speak English. Text: Reasons for English - English as a lingua Franca by English with Stephen

Reasons for English: Why is English the world’s language?

Why do you have to study English? Why not Fench or Arabic or Chinese or some other language. In fact, why do we have one global language at all? Listen to find out.

The best language learners understand themselves. By English with Stephen

Learning Strategies: Understand Yourself

Understanding yourself is critical if you want to learn English as efficiently as possible. Find out what you need to know about yourself to be an effective learner.

Learning Strategies: Lexical Scraps

When I moved to Brazil, I had to learn Portuguese. And fast. This strategy, which I called Lexical Scraps, was the single best thing I did to help learn new vocabulary.

Tips for choosing a language teacher or school.By English with Stephen

How to Choose a Language School or Teacher

You are going to spend a lot of time with your language school or language teacher, so what questions should you ask when deciding who to study with?

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