Focussing on the first 2 minutes can increase your motivation to learn English. By English with Stephen

Learning Strategies: The 2-minute rule

Discover how focussing on the first two minutes of your English studies can dramatically increase your motivation to keep learning English.

The origin of the word January by English with Stephen

Word Stories: January

In this week’s word story, we look at the origin of the word ‘January’, how it is used and why it gave its name to one of the greatest cities in the world.

Learning strategies for the guitar and ENglish

Learning Strategies: Why learning the guitar is like learning a language

I’ve been learning the guitar recently. There are a number of lessons I have taken from learning the guitar which are useful for learning English.

Why doesn't English have genders?

Reasons for English: No gender?

English doesn’t have masculine and feminine words, which makes learning the language a bit easier. But have you ever thought about why English doesn’t do what most other languages do? And does this mean English is not a sexist language? Listen to find out.

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