What are linguistic landscapes and how can you use them to learn English? By English with Stephen.

Learning Strategies: Linguistic landscapes

Your linguistic landscape can be a powerful tool to help you learn English. Find out what your linguistic landscape is and how you can fully exploit it in the latest episode of the English with Stephen podcast.

How the Bible affected English, by English with Stephen

Reasons for English: English and The Bible

The English we speak today has been heavily influenced by the way the Bible was written. Even if you don’t believe in a Christian God, you will use language from the Bible. Find out how and why in this latest episode.

Expressions in English from the sport of cricket, by English with Stephen

Word Stories: Cricket, lovely cricket

Cricket is the second most popular sport in the world. It has also given quite a few expressions to the English language. Listen to find out all about this wonderful sport and how it has affected English.

Everything you need to know about individual words by English with Stephen

Learning Strategies: What’s in a word?

What do you need to know about a word to really understand it? In this episode, we look at what it truly means to “know” a word.

What is RP? by English with Stephen

Reasons for English: What is RP?

RP stands for Received Pronunciation and is the standard for British English. But where does the name come from and how did it become the standard? Discover the fascinating story of RP and find out some other peculiarities along the way.

The stories behind the brand names for Adidas and Puma by English with Stephen

Word Stories: Adidas v Puma

Two of the biggest sportswear manufacturers are Adidas and Puma, but do you know the origin of these words? Listen to find out the crazy story behind these two names and practise some vocabulary for talking about sports clothes.

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