Understand Your Teacher

It is important to understand why your English teacher has chosen to use certain activities in class. In this episode of English with Stephen, we look at how you can identify the reasons behind each activity.

Word Stories: Hey, You Guys!

The word ‘guy’ is commonly used, but also very controversial. The origin of this small word is even more controversial and its impact on modern culture lies all around us. Listen to find out more about this fascinating word.

Tips for choosing a language teacher or school.By English with Stephen

How to Choose a Language School or Teacher

You are going to spend a lot of time with your language school or language teacher, so what questions should you ask when deciding who to study with?

The tymology of the word "huddle" by English with Stephen

Word Stories: Huddle

A huddle is a very common sight in many sports, nowadays. In this podcast, you will discover the surprising origin of the huddle as a word and a phenomenon.

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