Learning Strategies: Short and Sweet

This episode is full of great ideas for activities that last less than 10 minutes but will help you learn English. They are all short and sweet!

Word Stories: Lockdown

Lockdowns and Covid have affected people all over the world. Listen to this episode to find out the origin and meanings of these two words that will probably come to define the year 2020.

Learning Strategies: Lexical Scraps

When I moved to Brazil, I had to learn Portuguese. And fast. This strategy, which I called Lexical Scraps, was the single best thing I did to help learn new vocabulary.

The history of the word 'thing'. By English with Stephen

Word Stories: Here’s the Thing!

The word ‘thing’ is an extremely common word in English, but its origins lie in Viking meetings. Listen to this episode to find out more about this fascinating word!

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