The stories behind the brand names for Adidas and Puma by English with Stephen

Word Stories: Adidas v Puma

Two of the biggest sportswear manufacturers are Adidas and Puma, but do you know the origin of these words? Listen to find out the crazy story behind these two names and practise some vocabulary for talking about sports clothes.

Julius Ceasar and the English language. By English with Stephen

Word Stories: Julius Ceasar

As well as being one of the most famous people ever to have lived, Julius Ceasar inspired lots of words and phrases in English. Find out all about them in this episode of English with Stephen

Court by English with Stephen

Word Stories: Court

The word ‘court’ is very short but with a long story and many different meanings. Learn more about the different ways this little word can be used in English in this latest episode.

Lady Godiva on a white horse, by English with Stephen

Word Stories: Lady Godiva

The story of Lady Godiva is a very popular folk story in England. It also gives us a couple of idiomatic expressions that are still commonly used to this day.

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