Clubhouse is a great way to practise speaking English by English with Stephen

Learning Strategies: Clubhouse

Clubhouse is an audio-based social media platform that is perfect for practising your spoken English skills. Listen and enter the competition to get a free invite.

Picture of a football or soccer goal. Text: Learning Strategies - SMART English learning goals

Learning Strategies: SMART English learning goals

Setting yourself language learning goals is vital to keep motivated. This week we will look at how you can set SMART English learning goals and why they are so important.

The implications of English as a lingua franca on students. By English with Stephen

Learning Strategies: English as a lingua franca for students

What do students of English need to learn if they never talk to another ‘native’ English speaker? In this episode, I look at some of the implications of using English as a lingua franca, or world language.

The best language learners understand themselves. By English with Stephen

Learning Strategies: Understand Yourself

Understanding yourself is critical if you want to learn English as efficiently as possible. Find out what you need to know about yourself to be an effective learner.

Mistakes are good when learning a new language. By English wth Stephen

Learning Strategies: Mistakes are Good!

Many English students are afraid of making mistakes. Don’t be that student. Mistakes are good and a vital part of learning anything.

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