Learning strategies for the guitar and ENglish

Learning Strategies: Why learning the guitar is like learning a language

I’ve been learning the guitar recently. There are a number of lessons I have taken from learning the guitar which are useful for learning English.

Improve your listening skills by the English with Stephen podcast.

Learning Strategies: Improve your listening skills

Lots of students have specific problems with listening in English. Here are my top ten tips for improving your English listening skills.

What are linguistic landscapes and how can you use them to learn English? By English with Stephen.

Learning Strategies: Linguistic landscapes

Your linguistic landscape can be a powerful tool to help you learn English. Find out what your linguistic landscape is and how you can fully exploit it in the latest episode of the English with Stephen podcast.

Everything you need to know about individual words by English with Stephen

Learning Strategies: What’s in a word?

What do you need to know about a word to really understand it? In this episode, we look at what it truly means to “know” a word.

Learning Strategies: Accents

English students are often worried about their accent when they don’t need to be. Join me to discover what exactly it is you need to focus on when working on your accent.

Why accountability is an excellent learning strategy for English students, by English with Stephen

Learning Strategies: Accountability

Being accountable is a powerful learning strategy for English language students. Find out what it is and how you can use it in this latest podcast.

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