How to be an active reader by the English with Stephen podcast

Learning Strategies: Active reading

Find out how you can become an active reader and exploit the book you are using to learn as much as possible. And then, get two recommendations for great books you can read.

Focussing on the first 2 minutes can increase your motivation to learn English. By English with Stephen

Learning Strategies: The 2-minute rule

Discover how focussing on the first two minutes of your English studies can dramatically increase your motivation to keep learning English.

Learning strategies for the guitar and ENglish

Learning Strategies: Why learning the guitar is like learning a language

I’ve been learning the guitar recently. There are a number of lessons I have taken from learning the guitar which are useful for learning English.

Improve your listening skills by the English with Stephen podcast.

Learning Strategies: Improve your listening skills

Lots of students have specific problems with listening in English. Here are my top ten tips for improving your English listening skills.

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