The American Century by English with Stephen podcast

Reasons for English: The American century

At the beginning of the 20th century, English was not the most common 2nd language. But by the end of the century, it most definitely was, Find out the effect the USA had on English becoming so common.

How to be an active reader by the English with Stephen podcast

Learning Strategies: Active reading

Find out how you can become an active reader and exploit the book you are using to learn as much as possible. And then, get two recommendations for great books you can read.

Why your grandchildren won't need to learn English, by the English with Sephen podcast.

Reasons for English: The future of English 2

Do you think your grandchildren will need to learn English? I don’t think they will. Listen to my latest episode to find out why.

Why is reading books so important for language learners? By the English with Stephen podcast.

Learning Strategies: Read a book

Why is reading such a powerful way to learn a language? This is the first of three episodes looking at the power of reading.


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