The stories behind the brand names for Adidas and Puma by English with Stephen

Word Stories: Adidas v Puma

Two of the biggest sportswear manufacturers are Adidas and Puma, but do you know the origin of these words? Listen to find out the crazy story behind these two names and practise some vocabulary for talking about sports clothes.

Learning Strategies: Accents

English students are often worried about their accent when they don’t need to be. Join me to discover what exactly it is you need to focus on when working on your accent.

The effect of the Renaissance on the ENglish language. By English with Stephen

Reasons for English: English during the Renaissance

The Rennaisance had a huge effect on countries all over the world in terms of culture, inventions and exploitation. In this podcast, we look at the dramatic effect it had on the English language.

Julius Ceasar and the English language. By English with Stephen

Word Stories: Julius Ceasar

As well as being one of the most famous people ever to have lived, Julius Ceasar inspired lots of words and phrases in English. Find out all about them in this episode of English with Stephen

Why accountability is an excellent learning strategy for English students, by English with Stephen

Learning Strategies: Accountability

Being accountable is a powerful learning strategy for English language students. Find out what it is and how you can use it in this latest podcast.

William Caxton and the Prinitng press and their effect upon the English language, by English with Stephen

Reasons for English: William Caxton

William Caxton faced some difficult questions in his professional life. Some of his answers still affect the way English is spoken today, over 600 years after his death.

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