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Word Stories: Bed

This is the transcript for the English with Stephen podcast episode that tells a story to illustrate expressions associated with the word “bed”.

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Hello and welcome to English with Stephen. My name’s Stephen Greene and today I am going to experiment with something new. Usually, I talk about the history of English, learning strategies or stories about the origins of words. But today I am just going to tell you a story.

But it is no ordinary story. It is a story about beds. In fact, it is a story that includes lots of expressions that include the word “bed”.

The idea is that you will hear lots of different phrases in context. Because you hear them in context, even if you have never heard them before, you should be able to understand them. And, hopefully, because they are in a story, it might make these expressions more memorable.

What do you think? Does it sound like a good idea? Like I said, it is an experiment, so please let me know what you think about it by leaving me a message on my site, EnglishwithStephen.com, or on any of my social media. I really want your honest feedback, so please get in touch.

Before I tell you my bed story, I’d like to tell you about another podcast. It is called 1-800-goal-digger. The podcast host, Mika Liu, comes from Taiwan originally and she talks about her life and how she struggles to sometimes improve herself and other times just to survive. Her stories are full of honesty and humour, and I love it. I am recommending this for two reasons. First,  shows that you don’t need to be a “native-speaker” of English to be able to podcast beautifully in English. Second, although she doesn’t focus on language learning, a lot of her insights are invaluable for language learners. I am sure I am not alone when saying I suffer from procrastination when it comes to learning a language. Well, procrastination is just one of the topics she deals with. You can find the podcast on your podcast app by searching for 1-800-Goal-Digger, or I will post a link on my site EnglishwithStephen.com

Before we start, I have a task for you. There are 10 expressions in the story that use the word “bed”. As you listen, try to identify the expressions and make a note of them. You could make a note on a piece of paper, on your computer o phone or even just a mental note in your head.

Once you have the note, link it to a meaning or definition. This will help you to remember and use the expression in the future.

Ready? Let’s go.

My normal bedtime is about 10 pm. I have to get up at 6 am every day, so I like to get to bed around 10 to get my 8 hours of beauty sleep. However, my football team here in Brazil was playing on TV and the game didn`t start until 9:30, so it was way past my bedtime by the time I actually got to bed.

The alarm went off at 6:30, just like every morning, and I was still exhausted. While I was brushing my teeth, I looked in the mirror and was shocked at my bedhead. My long hair was all over the place, as I had been dancing at an all-night rave in the middle of a hurricane and not fast asleep in bed.

I went downstairs and got breakfast ready, but it felt like everything was wrong. I got salt out of the cupboard instead of sugar. I put water on my cornflakes instead of milk and put bread in the fridge instead of the toaster. It was going to be one of those days when it feels like I got out of bed on the wrong side.

Anyway, it was all my fault. I had made my own bed the previous evening by not going to bed on time, and now I would have to lie in it.

Once I had finally finished breakfast, I sat down at my computer. The first item of the day was to book a place to stay for my trip. I decided on a bed and breakfast, or B and B, instead of a hotel because it is much cheaper and I won’t actually be staying in the room, so all I needed was a bed to sleep in and breakfast to start my day.

You won’t believe me, but it literally took me all day to sort out what should have been a really simple exercise.

I have been boycotting BandB.com ever since they got into bed with Booble. I don’t like the fact that Booble doesn’t pay taxes, so when BandB.com started working with them, I moved to BandBair.com

First of all, I had to set up an account and get a password and all that stuff. This took far longer than it needed to. The interface is not very easy to navigate and I got very frustrated trying to find any suitable accommodation. Eventually, I found half a dozen potentials when all of a sudden my computer froze.

I went through the operating system to find out what the problem was and eventually realised I needed a new update, so I downloaded that and decided it was time for lunch. I thought it would be a good idea to let the new update bed in, you know, get comfortable and ready, while I got something to eat.

After a long lunch, I switched the computer back on and I was pleasantly surprised to see everything was working really well. I went back to the BandBair page and quickly found the half a dozen properties I was interested in before everything had crashed.

But then I was hit with another unpleasant surprise. Everything was so expensive that I nearly wet the bed! How can they justify such high prices? After another hour’s searching, I managed to find a B and B that was just about in my price range, but it doesn’t look all that comfortable, I have to admit.

After such a disheartening day, at least I was finished with it all and I could put the whole project to bed! I thought about just lying on the sofa and watching Peaky Blinders, my favourite TV show, on Netflix. But then I had a better thought. I’d go to sleep early and maybe tomorrow I’d be in a much better mood to get stuff done.

After all, they don’t say “early to bed, early to rise, makes a man wealthy, healthy and wise” for no reason, do they?

Ok, how was that for you? Did you catch all of the expressions? If you want to listen again, please do. If you want to listen and read the transcript so you can see the expressions, you’ll find it on my site EnglishwithStephen.com. And don’t forget to leave your thoughts about this episode on my site or on my social media.

Oh, and one more thing. Take a moment to check out 1-800-Goal-Digger for some great ideas on setting goals to improve not just English but your whole life.

So long!

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