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My First Podcast

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Hello and welcome. My name’s Stephen Greene and this is the first podcast of English with Stephen.

I am hoping to produce short podcasts focussing on specific ideas for how to learn English more effectively.

Each podcast will be short, between five and ten minutes long. I want to keep them short for three main reasons.

The first reason is that we learn better when we practise in short durations. It is much better to study for 10 minutes every day instead of 90 minutes on a Sunday.

The second reason is that I think listening in a second language can be tiring so it is easy to lose concentration. This makes watching a long podcast difficult.

Thirdly, if you are like me, you do not have a lot of time free. Life is full of work, family and occasionally, enjoyment. Finding a whole hour to spend listening to a podcast is nearly impossible.

Some of the things we will focus on in these podcasts include how to learn from TV, songs and your linguistic landscape. We’ll also talk about how to choose a teacher or course, what technology to use and how to set yourself goals.

I also have some ideas for podcasts about the history of words. How were some words created, what did they mean originally and how are they used today? From my experience of learning and teaching languages, I am convinced that stories are an important part of remembering vocabulary.

So by listening to these podcasts you will hopefully get some new ideas for how to study as well as new information about vocabulary. And, of course, just by listening to these podcasts you will automatically be working on your English.

I have a long list of other ideas for these podasts, but I want to hear from you as well. Do you any have any tips that have worked for you and you would like to share with other leaners?

Or maybe you have some questions or doubts about what you are doing to learn English? Let me know and maybe I can offer some advice.

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You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram: My address on both of these is English with Stephen. I also have a website called At this site you will find other ideas for learning English, as well as transcripts and other podcasts.

I hope to hear from you soon.

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  1. I’ve just listened to this amazing podcast.
    It’s clear, short so it does not make us lose the concentration while listening.
    One of the reasons it’s worth listening and that the ideas the teacher will be focusing on are really great and they interest me a lot .
    Congrats for your work and success !!!

  2. Cheers, old man! Sooo soo glad to hear you after nearly 30 years already! I suppose it’s you hitting the strings on the audio as well! Just wanna state that I’m grateful for having had you as my first English teacher ever! Hope we can catch up sometime soon again. Pardon my degraded lingo… Ain’t worthy of Cambridgian speech no longer as in good old Liberty times!

      1. Great to read from you, I just had a blast! Well, truly, it was 1993, tho, I tend to round up a little too much.

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